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Stop building low quality content on your site. Let us build unique and quality content to build your sites’ authority in search.

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Work with writers in your industry to build relevant and keyword target content.

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Get your content the social engagement it deserves. Create relevant and user engaging content.

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Content Creation and Marketing

A content outlet is not a place at the mall where you buy content at a discount. It’s more a section on your site built out and focused on a section of content.

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How search engines view your content

The best way to describe your website is like a books in a library. With every new page, a new book is added to the indexed and rated as the best book on a topic (keyword search). If you stop adding books, the Library stops indexing your new stuff and only rates you on what’s there. As more new books come out, your book (pages) are moved down the list of top rated. So by adding more pages, you are able to maintain your standing with search engines and keep relevant on keyword topics.

Content creation should be relevant and topical. It should not just be created to be created.

At Alpha Fusion Digital, we work to build out a content guideline and content strategy focused to your industry and your target market.

Content Targeting Strategies

Content targeting speaks to using keywords in content to be able to come up for searches by keyword search or geographical search.
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The Don’t of Content Creation

Content should be created… Naturally.

This means your content shouldn’t be created by a system that automates your content. Google penalizes site for this:

The same content should not exist on every page and should be uniquely written to your site. Google penalizes for this too.

At Alpha Fusion Digital, we work to remove factors that could harm your sites ability to rank for search results using google best practices.