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SMM Promotion

User engagement and social signals are a major factor in a site organic rankings.

Content Creation

Creating unique and user engaging content is vital to SEO. Content creation is important for use in SEO, social media, PPC and more.

Technical SEO

Desktop and Mobile Search are 2 separate discussions in 2017. To focus on both, means increasing tracking of keywords and making implementations that favor both mobile and desktop search equally.

SEO Research

Data is important with all SEO strategies. Keyword research, organic trends, competitive analysis, user experience are all important in improving SEO strategies.

Local SEO

When it comes down to it, mobile search has changed local search forever. With the increase in mobile users to desktop users, Google has gotten better at identifying searchers locations and thus worked to create most focal geo-targeted results.

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Organic Search

In today’s search results click-through rates by type are pretty straight forward.

100% Clicks from Search  – Paid Search 30% click-through and Organic Search 70% click-through

click-through for organic search 2017

With 70% of click-throughs coming from organic search, it’s important that every website has an on-going SEO strategy being implemented to increase traffic from increased rankings for targeted keywords and strategy in place to maintain results.

The goal of SEO is to rank on page 1 and top ranking positions for keywords that will drive traffic to your site. Once rankings have been achieved, the focus will change from moving up in rankings to maintaining ranking positions.

Reasons for On-going SEO Services

  • SEO is an ongoing process, as algorithms and competitive landscapes change frequently.
  • Even when maintaining rankings are achieved, sites will need to expand its keyword coverage over time to continue to grow.

Different Website and SEO Strategy

It’s important to know that every site is different. An SEO strategy for one site will not benefit another. Each website will need to have its own SEO strategy and implementation in order for the site to come up in search. This means that each site will need to have:

  • Unique site-wide technical optimizations
  • Unique Content from site to site
  • Unique User Engagement focused to each site individually

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Organic Search?

When a computer user goes on to a search engine and puts in a keyword to search, search engines will showcase a list of relevant results based on factors that it determines makes it the most relevant for the keyword. This is also known as organic (natural) search.

seo services brooklyn ny

Depending on the search, search engines may also other aspects to the search like local search results(Local 3 pack), business information, news results, or image results.

seo organic search

SEO is important for all local and national businesses to grow organic search results. As search engines like Google, increasing targeting of search results to specific locations, making sure that your website is optimized for your location will be key in coming up in organic search and the local 3 pack. With the ability to come up in searches of your business can begin to see increases in website traffic, and revenue growth from search.

SEO Services are not just technical issues with your website. SEO has evolved into a fusion of content creation, social engagement and technical to grow websites organically on search.

seo content technical social image

Mobile SEO vs Desktop SEO

Since, mobile search results have been separate from desktop rankings on Google. With more websites seeing more than 60% of site sessions coming from mobile devices, they began working to build better engagement of sites ranking on mobile devices and requiring sites to fine tune themselves for a better user engagement.

At Alpha Fusion Digital, we work to build a desktop and mobile presence under one SEO strategy. With every implementation, we are consciously working to increase desktop and mobile rankings for keywords that will impact your business and not make us look good for ranking for it.

Areas that sites should focus on for Mobile Search:

Making sure site is Mobile Friendly
This just means that the site comes up on a mobile device fitting to the screen. Also, that pictures are not crazy sizes that take minutes for a page to load, content is on the page and not removed because it’s on mobile.

Local SEO

When you want to come up in local search you will want to focus on a local SEO strategy that works to increase your rankings on the Local 3 Pack (Local Search Results) and Organic Search Results tailored to Local Search. There are 3 main aspects that need to be focused on for Local SEO, your website, your Business listings and Local Citations / Reviews.

3 main components for local search

It is important to know that Local Reviews need to be earned and not bought to follow Google’s Guidelines.